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White Paper

1. About New Energy Science and Technology Chain New energy science and technology chain New energy technology chain, measuring 100 million pieces, referred to as the new energy technology chain {NSS} is based on the new energy technology field, with a unique blockchain {BlockChian} Centralized technology presents distributed database identification, intelligent peer-to-peer networks for disseminating and documenting information, and decentralized peer-to-peer networks, using open source software to combine cryptographic principles, time series data, and consensus mechanisms to ensure distributed The coherence and continuity of each node in the database enables information to be verified, traceable, but difficult to tamper with and unmaskable, thus creating a set of privacy, efficient and secure shared value systems, especially suitable for new energy technology fields. Problems that have been solved for decades and have not been resolved.

The characteristics of blockchain distributed storage naturally have the basis of trust, which can be applied to the construction of decentralized exchanges. The most typical is bit stocks. The stable operation of several years also proves the feasibility of this field.

2. The value and significance of the new energy NSS:

1. The future of transportation will not only develop in a cleaner direction, but will also become more intelligent.

2, maintain market order: blockchain technology can prevent price extortion and delay payment, save the middlemen and reduce the transaction costs, which will bring more fair pricing, and even help new energy technology production to obtain more More crop income, maintaining market order.

3. Optimize production: Blockchain production can collect actual data of farms. Through these data analysis, it can innovate, new energy technology production technology, optimize new energy technology production, and improve production efficiency.

4. When you are producing a new energy vehicle, you can join all the hardware needed for driverless driving. Then you can activate the hardware step by step through the air upgrade to gradually realize driverless driving.

5. What kind of future will the new energy technology and blockchain technology mutually promote?

This kind of bottom-up, distributed development model, especially the development path of the Internet and mobile Internet - first popularize PC, and then connect existing PCs to create the Internet. The popularity of smartphones and the demand for mobile video traffic in turn will force the development of 3G and 4G technologies.

The current distribution network is not ready for large-scale distributed renewable energy integration, but if the following microgrid modules are matured, and the microgrid can be off-grid and operated independently, it can be operated independently. The time the grid is upgraded and further connected to these modules. This decentralized network structure also provides greater stability and redundancy to the grid.

NSS New Energy Technology Chain:

Three: the core technology of NSS in the new energy technology chain

{1}, integration into consumer scenarios and business application transaction consumption scenarios are mainly divided into two levels (online and offline) in the design of NSS. We first change our perception of wallet. NSS wallet is first based on ether. The technical APP wallet is mainly to solve the timeliness of the transaction.

Online trading: Every online application that needs payment can generate a unique wallet address by downloading the app to complete the transaction quickly, with a trading time of 1-2 seconds.

Offline trading: online technology can be used, or we can provide a similar API to the design of the payment instrument when offline payment, through the rapid development kit, the development of offline payment tools, through the scan code payment to achieve For consumer transactions, the trading time is also 1-2 seconds!

NSS truly integrates into the consumer scene and commercial applications to achieve fast scanning and payment functions. NSS blockchain technology fully meets the functions of electronic payment system and commercial circulation.

{2}, wallet binding mechanism

NSS is considering a question: What is the user's credentials? In the mobile Internet era, the mobile phone is the most time-sensitive and accurate security of the user. Our wallet design is based on the binding of the user's mobile phone, and the account can be effectively solved by binding the mobile phone link. Loss of problems can also effectively solve the inheritance problem. Quickly convert and circulate between wallet and wallet, wallet and trading platform, and use wallet distributed accounting to let users use it with confidence.

{3}, decentralized technology

NSS truly decentralized technology. In fact, the technology update is the operation of the whole system. We have been updating. NSS has designed a voting mechanism. All wallets complete the voting process according to a weight system, and are quickly forced by the weight system. Sexual completion of the update of the wallet and mining machine intelligent computing power. Let users and users, between players and players, between players and businesses, between businesses and businesses, wallet to wallet, peer-to-peer exchange, payment, transaction.

Allocation Plan

NSS total circulation: 100 million pieces

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