NSS Announces Repurchase of NSS Destruction from November 18th to November 24th on "Fengming Project"

Dear NSS users:

According to the “Fengming Plan” rule, the NSS project will repurchase the NSS and destroy it in the secondary market of the CEO Global Station on the following address after the CEO and COO dividends of the CEO Global Station. The total amount of COO locks in Huarui Investment is 502,273. From November 18 to November 24, 2019, the COO coefficient is 0.0016836 QC, and the total dividend is 845.6268QC. Due to the “Fengming Plan” rule, the COO has been unlocked and will be transferred. To the community partner address. This week, the dividends were repurchased 3,535.66 NSS. At present, the NSS project party has already repurchased the NSS into the corresponding destruction address (the wallet security rules do not allow direct entry into the black hole address, so the imToken wallet address is mentioned: 0x08C3524304f57d68354c0FF30a40c09801B21277, then turn Into the black hole address). At present, CEO CEO and COO scored a total of 39,559.55 NSS repurchases.

The following is a screenshot of the repurchase destruction record of the NSS project party on November 25, 2019:

thank you for your support!

NSS project team


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