NSS Announcement on Repurchase and Destruction on November 29, 2019

Dear NSS users,

NSS APP 3.0 has been officially launched. The NSS project party has increased the repurchase funds planned for the project to increase the repurchase and destruction efforts, and repurchased 100,000 NSSs per day for destruction until the destruction of 1 million NSS repurchases.On November 29, 2019, the destruction of 100,000 NSS on multi-platform repurchase cost 3656.503 USDT, and USDT worth 1855899.484 will be repurchased in the future.

At present, the project party has entered the repurchased NSS into the corresponding destruction address (because the wallet security rules do not allow direct access to the black hole address, the imToken wallet address is mentioned: 0x08C3524304f57d68354c0FF30a40c09801B21277, and then transferred to the black hole address).

The following is a screenshot of the repurchase and destruction records of the NSS project party on November 29, 2019:

thank you for your support!

NSS project team


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