NSS project party's announcement on the 20th repurchase

Dear NSS users:

The NSS project side repurchases 30,000 NSSs from the BiKi.com secondary market every Monday for destruction. The 20th repurchase costs a total of 1405 USDT (excluding handling fee) and the average repurchase price is 0.0468333 USDT.

According to the NSS project side plan, the NSS worth 1889247.979 USDT will be repurchased in the future.

At present, the project party has entered the repurchased NSS into the corresponding destruction address (the wallet security rule does not allow direct entry into the black hole address, so the imToken wallet address is mentioned: 0x08C3524304f57d68354c0FF30a40c09801B21277, and then transferred to the black hole address).

The following is a screenshot of the repurchase destruction record of the NSS project party on October 28, 2019:





thank you for your support!

NSS project team


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